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Frequent Questions

If we see that this section is useful for you and there is a need, we will add new questions here. Please, before contacting Customer Support read carefully this section.

Account Questions

How to create a new account?: It's not difficult at all. Click on the following button, fill in the registration form and create a new account.
How can I keep my account safe?: We take all security measures to protect your account and keep it safe from third parties intrusion.
May I create more than one account?: No. you are allowed to create only one account. For special situations please contact our.
How to change my password?: Enter your account and change your e-mail address and password in Account Settings section.
I forgot my password. What should I do?: Go to Password Reminder section, enter your registration e-mail address and follow the instructions.

Investment Questions

What is the process of investing?: To make investments you should register in Asset Earning, create an account and then you can make your deposit. All the investments are made in your personal account after login.
What payment systems do you use?: We accept Bitcoin, Etherum, Payeer and Litecoin
How fast are my deposits added to my account?: Bitcoin, Etherum, Payeer and Litecoin deposits are credited to your Asset Ear account within minutes to hours due to confirmations over the network.
How is the interest calculated?: Your interest is calculated every business day based on the size of your deposit.
May I create a deposit from my account balance?: Yes. Just login to your account and click on New Deposit. You should select the payment with Balance suffix from the payment drop down menu.
May I make additional deposits?: Yes, but note that all the transactions are handled separately.
How to check my account balance?: You can check your balance in your personal account any time you need.
Are there risks to lose money?: There are certain risks in any investment programs. However, there are some simple ways that can help you to reduce risks of losing your money. First, set a certain financial goal and deposit such sum of money that you can afford. Remember that our expert trading team is always ready to consult you in any questions.
Who manages the funds?: Our team of investment experts manage all the funds.

Withdrawal Questions

How fast is my withdrawal processed?
Withdrawal requests up to $500.00 are processed instantly. Other transactions are approved and paid within 48 business hours.

Is there a minimum sum for withdrawal?
Yes, a minimum amount you can request for a withdrawal is $1 US Dollar.

How to withdraw funds?
You can withdraw your money in your personal account in the Withdraw Section.

Affiliate program questions

Do you have a referral program?
Yes, we do. With it you can earn up to 10% commission of all your referrals deposits.

Do you have promotional material?
Yes, we do. All members of Asset Earning have an individual referral link. You can also promote your referral ID on our banner URL.

Should I have an active deposit to participate in the Referral program?
No, you are not obligated to make a deposit to earn a 5% referral commission.

How to withdraw funds?
Our customer support team are ready to answer your questions.

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For the first time ever, anyone can send or receive any amount of money with anyone else, anywhere on the planet, conveniently and without restriction. It’s the dawn of a better, more free world...”

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Our platform is organized by 15+ years experienced management team and We know if financial planning is done properly, it can make a real difference to Your Life.

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We're here to create a cost-effective trading experience where Cryptocurrency investors, Forex traders both new and professional, can earn more with the same investment.

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